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Top 5 Sleek features!

1. Icons, not grey dots!

Remember Agendas and wall Calendars?

Sleek Calendar icons

Sleek calendar brings back their at-a-glance functionality. With one look you can see your upcoming events instead of having to tap on those grey dots!

2. Drag & Drop your events!

So you want to change your event date?

Sleek Calendar drag & drop

Go ahead! Try it yourself. Open your current calendar app and count how many taps you need to perform such a simple task! With Sleek Calendar, you simply drag & drop it to the correct date. That’s it!

3. Share your events, quickly!

Imagine having your spouse’s doctor appointment displayed on your calendar!

Sleek Calendar share events

By simply tagging a contact, he/she becomes a part of your event! no more shared calendars, requests or invites.

4. Search using emojies!

Why to search by words if you have emojies!

Sleek Calendar filter events

Sleek calendar makes it easy and fun to filter your events of a similar nature or to easily backtrack your memories to find the dates of certain events!

5. See your events duration.

Sleek Calendar event duration

As promised, Sleek Calendar gives you a clear visual by extending a colored line through all days of the event. Simple as that!

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Sleek Calendar,
five minutes demo that will change your life!

From the intuitive user interface, to the overall events management experience, Sleek Calendar 2.0 is unlike any other calendar app you have ever used.

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